Re: Zero Itasha

We are about to launch some new ITASHA designs on our site! Are you excited?

We haven't added much to the collection since the original and initial ITASHA product line release, but today that's changing!

New designs feature girls from a popular light novel and anime series Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-. Here are the designs:

Re: Zero Rem Itasha

Rem (レム) - one of the main supporting character and also one of the twin maids in the series.

Re: Zero Emilia Itasha

Emilia (エミリア) - the main heroine of the series.

Re: Zero Ram Itasha

Ram (ラム) - sister of Rem and one of the twin maids in the series.

These decals are designed to fit any car body and we are always open to make extra adjustments to personalize these designs just for you! Our decals are produced from high quality 3M Vinyl Wrap. They are very durable and can last without detaching or fading for up to 7 years!

For the first buyers of these decals, we will also include a big Poster matching the purchased design!

What characters would you like to see ITASHA designs and products of next? Feel free to email us if you have questions or ideas!